Narrative of the goose that was killed for laying golden eggs


The Aesop’s fable ‘The Goose that laid golden eggs” has always been told from the point of view of the greedy farmer. It was all about him: his penury, his luck, his greed and his debacle. None of the narratives have ever come from the poor goose. What was its side of the story?

It did not last to tell its story of being loved, wronged and then finally killed.

If all unfortunate events are mapped on a sheet and red mark is put on every story that happened because of somebody’s greed, believe you me there will be many. Our poor earth is one such goose that is being killed for laying golden eggs and the farmers aka corporate owners will one day find nothing but parched surroundings enveloped in smuts and smokes. Our education, health, political and economic systems are being milked with apathy to the point that they are starving of values and dying of sheer disregard of principles. So, in one way or other, at this place or some other, golden gooses are being smothered to death for greed of “more of much”.

Anyway, let’s come back to the point. What would the goose have to say if it were given a chance to tell its version? Men write stories for men and see things from their perspective and those that serve their interest. What did that poor animal have to say to other animals and give lessons from its side of the story?

Here we go, let’s listen from the goose who just transmitted its message from heaven. Heaven? Yes, heaven since for those who are wronged, suffered and killed, the best form of salvage that this world provides to victims is the promise of Heaven … if not justice.

The Goose’s narration

Hello everybody,

I am the poor Goose from Aesop’s fable. I was not always poor, how my life was snuffed out, made me poor in the pages of stories. I was a free Goose that moseyed and dawdled in lush green surroundings of my natural habitat. I pecked the grains, pruned my feathers and plonked my head in the warmth of my arms to sleep. I was living my life on my terms and was free to run in the face of attack from wolves and dogs. One day I got tired of running and saving my life on my own and gave myself willingly into the hands of a hunter who came to catch geese from the Jungle.

So, here my friends is the first lesson from my life:

  1. Don’t exchange your freedom for anything

The hunter sold me to a farmer couple. They put me in a coop and gave me grains to feed. The grains were neither too much nor too little. I prayed to God to give me the ability to lay gold eggs so that the farmer would grow rich and give me enough grains.

  1. Don’t give more than what one deserves

Things improved for the farmer and his family. But my share of the grains did not improve. They remained just a handful. I was wronged and had the gut feeling that the farmer would not return the favors. But I still gave him another chance by laying more golden eggs.

3.      Once bitten twice shy

I wish I had not given him more eggs or had restored to giving just the normal eggs but it was too late. The greed had taken the better of him and one day the farmer came in my coop with a shining knife. He killed me.

So that’s my side of story.

What is bad, what is evil… dishonesty, greed, treachery and backstabbing all are there to stay. Even Adam and Eve could not be spared and they too had to leave paradise. The lessons were passed on from ages to ages but poor geese forget it every time, let’s remember the lessons the Goose’s ghost came to tell us… Don’t give the best of you freely and in undeserving hands.

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